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While cycling or hiking somewhere, close by or in totally different cultures. Exploring the daily lives and discovering life stories.

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Collecting money. money as a tool to create something. Every euro makes a difference. Together a big difference.

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To create new forests in Flanders and around. Trees as a resource for ecosystems, shadow, healthy soils, carbon capture, Oxygen production, landscape element, relaxation, joy and beauty.


trees planted


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Every action with a connected intention counts. The trees and soil need our care. Don't hesitate, just act.

our bikers and hikers
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Biker: Roel Kint
Ik wil graag fietsen voor een betere wereld. Elke dag krijg ik de kans om 14km enkel langs de Schelde over het jaagpad te fietsen tussen Gent en Wetteren. Dit omringd door een overvloed van natuur, overstromingsgebieden, akkerlanden en bossen. Vaak kies in voor de gemakkelijkste route langs de Brusselsesteenweg en Destelbergen. Ik wil graag via dit initiatief mezelf aanzetten om vaker stil te staan bij de mogelijkheid dat ik heb om elke dag me door dit pracht landschap te verplaatsen. 

140 km a week to go

Our story 

We would love to plant more forest locally with you! This was the motivation of Klarremieken and Ewoud in 2018 to start Cycling for Trees. Meanwhile, it grew into a project where more people want to cycle for trees. Thanks to your sponsorship and helping hand during the planting actions, we enrich our environment with diverse and native forest.  


It all started with two idealistic youngsters who wanted to go on a six-month cycling trip across Europe. They wanted to create a more beautiful world than they got it. In times of climate change, concreting, horsification, floods and heat waves, a massive extinction wave of our biodiversity, overstimulation, ... trees are for us one of the important solutions.

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